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Here are a few of the games from this year, and one from last year for you to play.

[please note, no warranty is given whatsoever- these are prototype games]

Games uploaded by some of the teams for 2019 can be found here:

Games uploaded by [some of] the teams for 2018 can be found here:

The 2017 Best Overall Game winner can be found here:

Quilpie Ranch (Portsmouth GameJam 2017)


















2017 Best Game (People's Choice), Best Looking Game, Best Animation & Best Sound - Laser Bugz

Laser Bugz  it requires a PC and Xbox controller -

You will also need 7zip to unpack the game]










Marc Cook and Lee-Ann Picknett's game - Beetle Buddies

Download it here

2017 Most Helpful Team - Team Hotstuff

Jahangir Uddin – Programmer / Blueprints, Joshua Edwards – Level Design / Programmer, Emma Winters – 3d Modelling

Emil Nidal – Motion Capture Technician, Jessica Hunt – Motion Capture Actress


2017 networked game:

Download it here



Horsehead Games: Joe Shanahan, Oliver Thurston, Melina Spütz, Louise Hunniset

2016 Best Game, People's Choice, Most Complete Game

Download it Here or play it online

Best overall game 2014: Sumo Mouses: Team Megacake

Kendal James, Jon Davies & Mike Tucker

Xbox controllers are needed for this game, and a PC.


This is provided as is: [Reminder: No warranty is given whatsoever- these are prototype games]

Download it here [Zip File]