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Since 2010 (our second year) we have created a custom T-shirt for each year. Initially this was just with our Logo on the back, and the date on the front.

In 2011 we asked our colleague Rob Fuzzard to help out with the a new design - but liked what he did so much we just used that. The design was overseen by Clifford Phillips, who felt that we needed to start setting a direction for the shirts.

In 2012 Clifford Phillips created a design which featured a 'space invaders' theme- representing arcade games, and was sponsored by Climax Studios. This was the first design to start off with a genre to set up the design.

2013, Cliff extended this notion of a gaming theme, to also include the chinese zodiac - that year being the year of the Snake.

The gaming genre was for combat games, featured a series of predators, which were intended to represent the different gaming styles, and strategies involved in this kind of gameplay.

2014, with the same idea, Cliff created another shirt with the Horse, and also used this (White Horses ) to inspire the design. He went out of his way to keep the subtly of this while not affecting the Sport Genre being represented.

This has now become the core theme, but during 2013- to 2016 an additional sub theme was used. 2015 was designed by Loz Hawnt to represent gambling games.

2016 was designed mostly by Laura Wade with direction by Cliff. This time the genre was 'platformers', and the X underneath completed the set.

2017 Design was created by Rosie Sowerby an final year BA animation student. This year two students submitted designs, but this was the successful one..

2018 Design is the year of the dog, and is also our 10th anniversary which was created by Jon Davies